Why you should make your own trading decisions…

  • MA Penetrated

    moments ago

    EURUSD has closed above 200 SMA. This should empower bullish short term technical outlook.

  • Stochastic Overbought

    9 minutes ago

    EURUSD Stochastic (14) main line entered hourly overbought zone. Traders should NOT consider any short term long trades.


I was just forex wondering round the internet as I do from time to time and I came across an RSS feed with these two posts. As you can see, both of them are COMPLETELY opposing each other!

Use your own signals and find your own place in the markets and you’ll be ok. One of the mistakes I made early on was to read the chat on trading view, you would see two people giving completely opposite views of the markets they were trading on. In truth, I actually spent a day LOSING trades out of fear. Now, I ignore them, I agree with some of them and disagree with others but on the whole, the big traders do not participate in idle chit chat on trading platforms.

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