Why trading WITH the trend is safer, even for scalpers!

I am still pretty much a scalper… I like trades that don’t last long and bring quick profits, I use high leverage but with a good stop loss to protect from spikes (GPBUSD, you know who you are!). However my golden golden shiny rule is to trade with the trend. I will only trade on pairs that are Bullish or bearish on 1d, 4h, 1h and 15m, then I aim for the top (if bearish) or bottom (if bullish) of the prevailing channel. Then if I get hit with a bit of fundementals it doesn’t matter because in time it will normally retrace as the overall trend is such that it will.

Safe trading is done by adding together evidence, I’m not one for all these studies and lines all over my chart, I prefer simple channel lines, simple, strong, trends, I prefer fundementals that I have researched to see what the likelihood of a large move is in, or against me.

To succeed at currency trading is about stacking the odds in your favour. Just guessing is gambling, proper research can ensure safe, profitable trades.

…and incidentally Fundamentals more often than not follow the trend here is a lovely profit I made in GBPUSD trading the trend.

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