[video] Trading Setups for Tuesday 10th December 2013

Hooray! I managed to convince my Mac to create videos again this morning. Here’s the latest, I’m still looking for yesterday’s USDJPY sell that didn’t materialise, it does require a trend change which can be hard for a pair but we have bounced from here before just recently so I’m looking for that, XAGUSD buy, just a small one, probably 35% profit. Trades on this image. Don’t forget all trade setups are identified using my SilverTrader MetaTrader 4 plugin.


So here’s the video.


Good news for the YEN could be the response I need to get into the large scale YEN trade!

Oh by the way Take Profit on the second leg of the YEN trade will be 102.055 based on fresh analysis by the SilverTrader software – the Support & Resistance charts are dynamic, calculated on a candle by candle basis.

Update 2

Silver BUY Trade complete.

(Anyone want to buy SilverTrader, $75?)

I’m interested now (while I wait for the USDJPY to change direction) in AUSNZD at present it is sitting in a perfect channel so I need a break out below or above the yellow lines.

When this goes folks it will be good move up to or down to the next white line (target). I’m not putting an order on it just waiting for something only because at the moment it is the most horizontal thing out there!

BUY AUZNZD on going for a big target at 1.10585, it’s breaking up, the first target is 1.10072, this is connected with the USDJPY break bearish. Could be a good day for big trades people. I’m looking to trail up a stop 16 pips on both.


AUZNZD I took profit at $4 us it’s not going anywhere

My USDJPY trade went down and then I moved the stop up behind the last barrier and it stopped out 27 PIPS *IN PROFIT*. now waiting for a new move from the hook.

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