[video] Trading set ups 11th December 2013

Good morning Traders

Trading setup for 11th December it’s 5:40 am. Some good potential trades today, it’s got to be better than yesterday’s measly 43 pips profit (less 10 for a stop out). 33 Pips.

The GBPAUD buy has already gone into profit I will move my stop up shortly just below the Blue line. I have made the charts clearer by removing the grid (you can do this in MetaTrader with CTRL G (toggles on and off).



Ok GBPAUD I got the entry wrong it took the order then turned against me and took me out for 20 pips with a sudden bearish move on GBP (for no apparent reason!) So I am now SHORTING GBPAUD. To be honest, after the trade had been taken I did look at the chart and I could see the upward arrows then the move up in the congestion which is a bearish indicator. So down 20 pips but it’s moving fast short. First target 1.79390

USDJPY is on as well and is just hanging around but in profit (just about)

OK GBPAUD I’m out of now it turned back but luckily I was able to reclaim some of the losses, USDJPY rallied unexpectedly on USD news but I’m not sure if it will go down again. I have a buy sitting on XAGUSD as it is in congestion, at 20.450 looking for 66 pips with a 25 pip risk.

I’m quite tired so looking to just do some analysis later on and rest up tonight. Don’t want to be over-trading.

GBPAUD rallied as I said this morning I took profit as my stop was way up. Closed up at the top of the pin. This is NOT a pair for beginners to trade it is VERY volatile. I’m now out of the pair and will not re-enter.

You can see the Silver trade that went in not long ago! Just waiting for it to move back above. Target 21.058. XAGUSD.



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