[Video] 12th December Trading Video


Last Night I spoke with Andi who bought the SilverTrader software on Sunday and made 49 pips on his first trade almost paying for the software! Well done Andi!

Quite a few orders on this morning happy trading everyone.

Silver Broke Bearish!

I’m now in a big sell bearish after Silver Broke Bearish

And I mean WAY down — I’m closed long and in a short target 19.730

I have also discovered how to recognise when a trade actually properly breaks out of congestion.


OH MY GOODNESS 3rd TRADE IN TODAY just closed waiting for the next one – look how SilverTrader spots the point where the move will turn. So I enter order below the white line, TP before the next one – as if the currency knows exactly where to go it bounces back up, I then enter my next trade order again below the next white line.

How far down will it go? Who knows!

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