USD rallies!

What an amazing day yesterday. A couple of loss trades (closed early) when the USD decided it had had enough of hanging around the doldrums and rallied across the board.

I’m keeping a gentle eye on the EUR as well as Greece are approaching crisis status. I would imagine a continued BULLISH USD day. However my broker is showing sentiment against the dollar!!!

With FXStreet talking of a EURUSD decline to $1.29 I think it’s unlikely we’ll see any further retrace against the dollar. So I’m buying USD this morning and selling CAD and GBP – there is forecasted house price data at 8am but I don’t imagine this to be able to quash the moves from the EUR strengthening the USD.

However – if Greece do get their act together before the deadline we could see quite a reversal.

I’m working on a trade evaluator for the members area – I’ll get it out as soon as I have it done basically I want to be able to put a pair in the top of it and it to scan RSS feeds/twitter and gather data about the pair and then give minute by minute trading advice.

It’s a big job but I think will help us all get more profitable trades.

Any questions – please use the questions/comments tab at the top.

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