USD loses ground (but should get it back fast).

Last night I had one of those nights. Here’s what would normally happy for such an important news release, the FOMC.

1. I would close all profitable trades.
2. I would be there at the time of the trades and if the pair began moving against me then I would close and reverse the trades thus capturing the losses and making much bigger profits.

So what happened, well I had 4 trades left on EURUSD sell x 2 and EURGBP sell x 2. But last night I was at the band practice, I play in a great band called “The Sitting Ducks”. Unfortunately for me we practice in a place called Studley Green where there is barely any mobile signal.

So 4 trades stopped out. HOWEVER due to money management it’s not a killer just a small set back.

I’m hoping to capture more pips today and recover what I lost yesterday @9AM this morning (and more) with the ECB statement.

My feelings are a bearish move, I am sneaking in some EURUSD and EURGBP sells this morning because at the moment there is a retrace going on from last nights move against the dollar.


Trades off in profit sell at 9AM

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