Update ECB press conference.

Well it’s over. Seemed happy but EURUSD dropped 100 pips. However. Ofcourse this, after all is just a speech and most speeches the currency pair will return to near if not at the price they started at before the speech. Thus I’ve just put a buy on looking for the retracement and i’m selling USDJPY back down to the price.

Should be a profitable afternoon.

– Ok update, I wrote that earlier and put the buys and sells on. Like an idiot. Not waiting for the retrace signal on the MACD/Bollinger band setup. It’s cool They’ve continued down but USDJPY is on the way back, EURUSD has not started yet and I will probably put a cautionary sell on at the Stop loss point so if it does stop out I have another trade in place.

I don’t think it will though.

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