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Two longs and a short.

Well yesterday was so boring I decided to watch some paint dry instead. Today there has been a little movement I have 3 trades in profit and a loser, but I suspect everything will change @ 13:30 with USD news.

I also have some exciting news about a new broker that I’m teaming up with. More details shortly we’re just doing the final deal now.

So two trades for you that the robot has taken. One is to short NZDUSD -seems like a good plan as the pair is in a nice bearish trend, the news @ 13:30 could get us safe on our way to a lovely 160 pips profit or so.

GBPCHF is pretty much static – but there is a nice big gap there so we are looking for them to fill that gap up, probably sorting out the short trades from the last few weeks.

It’s a rising cheesy wedge. But we need  nice break, perhaps 13:30 will give us some fuel.

Oh and if anyone tells you to buy the EUR they need their head examined. The talk of QE at the moment is making the EUR quite unstable. If they announce QE watch it fall even further!


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