Trading without Panicking. Or the flow of the Forex

The Forex works shifts. If you place a trade during the day GMT (EUR/USD session) it will pull back on you during the Asian session. If you place a trade in the Asian session, guess what, it will pul back on you in the EUR/USD session.

Thus, small traders regularly get stopped out overnight if their stops are too small.

The Problem with Stops

Stops are a problem. Sure, you don’t want to wipe out your account. But also you don’t want to have your stop so close that the pair cannot get a proper direction. STRobot for instance uses ATR + a moving average to calculate stops. This means the stop is appropriate for the mood of the market on that pair.

In this case check out the white dotted line, that is where STRobot and the SignalTrader Forex trading system would hold the stop.


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