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Trading update

Live Trades
Total Pips:217.00  Winning:233.50  Losing:16.50
Currency Direction Risk Target Currently BUY -1.20 94.80 27.10 SELL 80.00 101.00 -9.60 SELL 79.90 107.30 -2.30 BUY -1.40 105.30 20.50 SELL -1.60 119.80 46.30 SELL -96.30 270.40 139.60 SELL 80.00 140.00 -0.80 SELL 80.00 135.70 -3.80

So a couple of stop outs but compared to the gains it’s quite small , my favourite at the moment is the NZDUSD at 139 pips profit and still going – in fact strobot placed another trade on NZDUSD that TP’d yesterday for about 80 pips, we have a new entry on NZDUSD short.

In the risk column if it has a negative number that means that if it stops out it will stop out that amount of pips in profit. 🙂 result.

I am tempted to do some profit taking in front of the US news @ 13:30 however I have so many safe trades I’ll probably just hold.

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