Todays trade LONG NZDCHF – and how I trade 40 currency pairs with one chart.

I did well yesterday with GBPAUD closed profit. I actually took about 80 pips from two trades yesterday USDCAD long and GBPAUD short. I still have a long robot order on GBPAUD but at the moment the pair have gone the other way over night but I do expect  big bullish pin and move up as it did not achieve target.

Today we have EUR CPI later. The EUR is giving cause for concern with respect to inflation and interest rates. Thursday this week could see a dropping of interest rates down to a puny 0.1% (yes folks thats nearly 0).

You can see the SignalTrader Massive indictor is showing that NZDCHF is about to cross, I would expect a move up today you can see that NZD a month ago exactly bounced off of the 200 period daily moving average (YELLOW LINE).

So my stop is in at 0.75854 and my tp way up at 0.76754 for 68.2 pips the spread is 3.7 pips so not too bad.

I’m trading $1 a pip on this trade.

I have released a new video showing how I trade 40 currency pairs from one chart.

If you would like to get hold of the SignalTrader Forex Trading System please visit – due to popular demand I decided to put it back on the market.

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