Today is Buying Dollars day!

Well after yesterdays news from the USA today is buying dollars day, I have started my day SELLING GBPUSD,EURUSD,NZDUSD all are trending bearish, GBP has news today which I don’t think will be good, especially since the BOE is talking about NEGATIVE interest rates! In other words your money on your standard savings will be absolutely tiny.

“GREAT RATE OF 0.000001%”

I’ll stick to trading but it does worry me about my pension, I just hope that we will have that sorted by then.


EUR – Instability due to Italian elections.
GBP – Bad news possibly today
USD – Good News Yesterday should have more of an affect today on the markets

That’s my opinion if you like it, go with it, if you don’t, cool.

I have trades on bearish at just below the top of the trend on each trade.

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