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Those mysterious pins.

Ok So STRobot didn’t trade yesterday he was waiting for the right trade setups last night.

So we stopped out on a EURUSD short but TP’d a GBPNZD short leaving a 20 pip profit out of the two trades. Currently he has AUDJPY sell, AUDCHF sell, EURAUD long and EURNZD short on.

(sell=short, buy=long)

Let’s take a look at a couple of these. Something I’ve noticed over the years is that if you get a large PIN on a candle normally the market is telling us it’s thinking about going up there.

Let’s have a look at two trades we are in at the moment.

EURAUD long – see that big pin candle.. If you look back what NORMALLY happens is that at some point the market will fill that candle.

Here’s the next one.

This trade is already safe (STRobot has moved the stop inside entry) so we are looking for nice profits, I expect to see a closed 150 pip basket today or even 200 pips.


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