The Forex Robot Myth and a Special Offer to my readers.

You’ve probably read me saying that Forex Robots are dangerous. I still stand by that because what works now may fail if market conditions change. I have however, quietly without anyone knowing learned the meta trader 4 scripting language and have been developing an expert advisor.

You may have noticed the templates I have been publishing for MT4, I have spent a lot of time studying the MA’s used over different timeframes and testing different settings and have developed an EA that basically seems to win 99% of trades. I am currently at the stage that I am testing on a LIVE account.

The thing, I think about Forex Robots is that from what I’ve seen of tools like Blessing etc,  they work fine most of the time but when they fail, they fail big time, often because the Risk / Reward is not right. Much like normal trading – if I am risking 50 pips for 150 fine, if I am risking 50 pips for a possible 25 pips, the trade is bad and should not be taken.

The problem with trading to quote Pro-Act Traders Scott, most people are keen to “Push the Button” they want to make money so bad they lose because they come in too early, (which is one of my habits, I don’t make as much profit as I could because I see a set up and go in too early).

So here’s the deal. If you sign up with an account with BelforFX and deposit $200US I will let you have a free copy of this robot when it is finished Beta testing ( a few weeks!! ).

If you want a paid copy, I will be releasing it soon but I have not decided on a price yet. Just contact me (if you subscribe you will get my email) once your account is set up with BelforFX and you have made your deposit and I can sort out this Robot for you.

Just to give you an idea of what it can do this is a test from Meta Trader 4 using a $200 account. Click Here for the test results so far. Note that the last trade is “stopped” so is losing but could be a winner if it was allowed to play out.

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