Why you should trade with the WEEKLY trend (even if you are day trading)

Signal Trader Trading System video.

Why you should trade the WEEKLY trend even if you are trading daily, hourly or 15 minute charts.


A Merry Christmas!

Good morning Traders. I have had a really harsh night! I live on a boat and it came loose from it’s moorings at 2am due to the high winds so no trading video today sorry.

Have a lovely Christmas everyone don’t forget SilverTrader is a special price of $75 USD till Jan 1st. http://www.iwanttobeaforextrader.com

Here’s a Christmassy Trade,

Santa will be leaving at 1.4550 or thereabouts and heading up to 1.45195 where he will be dropping off presents made by all the elves. You can see the smoke from his sleigh in a magical diamond below it.

[Video] 12th December Trading Video


Last Night I spoke with Andi who bought the SilverTrader software on Sunday and made 49 pips on his first trade almost paying for the software! Well done Andi!

Quite a few orders on this morning happy trading everyone.

Silver Broke Bearish!

I’m now in a big sell bearish after Silver Broke Bearish

And I mean WAY down — I’m closed long and in a short target 19.730

I have also discovered how to recognise when a trade actually properly breaks out of congestion.


OH MY GOODNESS 3rd TRADE IN TODAY just closed waiting for the next one – look how SilverTrader spots the point where the move will turn. So I enter order below the white line, TP before the next one – as if the currency knows exactly where to go it bounces back up, I then enter my next trade order again below the next white line.

How far down will it go? Who knows!