Iraq makes things flat.

So quite a few currency pairs are flat today and have been for about 2 weeks. Prior to that STRobot doubled 2 accounts but we need consistent movement in the same direction to do that. Look at this USDJPY daily chart.

STROBOT took a long yesterday at which point the market turned 20 pips the other way.

Hopefully USDGDP may turn our fortunes round! We shall see.

(oh and we have an AUDCHF that is doing ok)

SignalTrader New Version 6 with Order Management

SignalTrader  now manages your orders to stop entry to early. Waiting for the market to show a retrace SignalTrader version 6 and OrderManager Version 1.9.

RELEASE Thursday 6th March 2014 Final Testing in progress.

USDJPY buy SilverTrader

SilverTrader is suggesting a USDJPY buy I have an order in 103.059 in target 103.665, stop 102.885


Here’s the Hourly chart with the targets SilverTrader has drawn.

Now SilverTrader Confirms Congestion and you can see the diamond underneath the congestion box with the long tail.


Update US NEWS Rally and then drop back.

Ok – there was a small rally and then drop back, I had already moved my stop inside my open so I stopped out with 0.46$ profit. I have created a new order at 103.144 as I’ve decided i need it to move this sort of distance for the order.

I also have a sell USDCHF on which has just kicked in. I then closed this (with a teeny profit) because I think it’s a fake signal, I think the pair are actually going to move up due to FOMC – the FOMC thing is making the markets behave strangely. Holding my buy USDJPY but I don’t expect to see it go.

Update All Trades Closed before FOMC USDJPY though is showing BEARISH signals!

Could the Markets be hinting at what is to come in 30 minutes?


[video] Trading Setups for Tuesday 10th December 2013

Hooray! I managed to convince my Mac to create videos again this morning. Here’s the latest, I’m still looking for yesterday’s USDJPY sell that didn’t materialise, it does require a trend change which can be hard for a pair but we have bounced from here before just recently so I’m looking for that, XAGUSD buy, just a small one, probably 35% profit. Trades on this image. Don’t forget all trade setups are identified using my SilverTrader MetaTrader 4 plugin.


So here’s the video.


Good news for the YEN could be the response I need to get into the large scale YEN trade!

Oh by the way Take Profit on the second leg of the YEN trade will be 102.055 based on fresh analysis by the SilverTrader software – the Support & Resistance charts are dynamic, calculated on a candle by candle basis.

Update 2

Silver BUY Trade complete.

(Anyone want to buy SilverTrader, $75?)

I’m interested now (while I wait for the USDJPY to change direction) in AUSNZD at present it is sitting in a perfect channel so I need a break out below or above the yellow lines.

When this goes folks it will be good move up to or down to the next white line (target). I’m not putting an order on it just waiting for something only because at the moment it is the most horizontal thing out there!

BUY AUZNZD on going for a big target at 1.10585, it’s breaking up, the first target is 1.10072, this is connected with the USDJPY break bearish. Could be a good day for big trades people. I’m looking to trail up a stop 16 pips on both.


AUZNZD I took profit at $4 us it’s not going anywhere

My USDJPY trade went down and then I moved the stop up behind the last barrier and it stopped out 27 PIPS *IN PROFIT*. now waiting for a new move from the hook.

USDJPY Sell possibility could be 120 pips!

Looking at my SilverTrader software indicator (available from this site) there is an interesting possible trade on USDJPY. It’s bounced bearish off this point before and could be turning down. I’m only using an order so it might not happen, but if it does could be some great profits!

So there is some YEN news tonight 23:50, USDJPY has been in a bullish mood but has hit a strong resistance point. I don’t like trading against the trend but to be honest, if this has turned into a ranging trade, 120 pips. I think so for a 11pip risk!

I’m looking to go short.


STOP LOSS 103.186
ENTER 102.877
TAKE PROFIT 101.689!!!

Update – on further examination I have added a second SELL (well this is first) Higher.

The orders are shown there basically i’m looking for a bearish break down so i’ll have one lot on with a 17 pip trailing stop that should go down and pick up the second lot down to the target also with a 17 pip trailing stop.

That’s the plan anyway.

Gold continues bearish based on USD news.

Ok here’s the thing, the USD agreed last night a temporary increased debt ceiling. Why does this sound like a problem? Because I think they are just sticky plastering a festering wound and not dealing with it properly. (how CAN they deal with it properly?)

Gold broke down below 1290 yesterday as a result but bounced back up to 1295 off the bottom of the head and shoulders on the daily chart I posted yesterday. I think if we are going up today is a good day to do it as we have completed the head and shoulders and the increased debt ceiling news is already built into the market’s price, also it’s square up day.

So it’s hold back and wait till we get clear direction but the 17th October is no longer a problem and the USD is now built into the market price.

DAY 12 – USDJPY Sell

NZDUSD - Horizontal No trade
GBPUSD - No trade.
GBPJPY -  No trade - Head and Shoulders in progress
AUDUSD - No trade - possible Buy order 0.9323 target 0.9649 - warning its in a small area where it ranges don't touch unless it breaks. Generally steer clear.
USDJPY - USDJPY upward move in downward trend complete 97.53 target 94.14 best trade so far if it goes
USDCHF - Possible sell target 0.9209 However targets quite close probably not enough pips chart but at the bottom no trade till later unless it breaks below the trend line.
Not much news today only GBP @ 9:30 then USD news.
Yesterday GBP rallied and I caught it as I was in a trade which I flattened.
Looking for that USDJPY to continue the bearish trend.

USDJPY rally dollar looking positive, but for how long?

Hitting a low of 97.837 or there abouts the dollar has rallied against the JPY I am looking for a retrace at least to 99.00 perhaps even as far as 100.00.

Look at the FIB levels, it’s almost like magic the way the pair is hanging around at 98.250 just above the FIB level there.