STROBOT Adding trades to long USDCAD

So STROBOT has set up USDCAD and has a trade in currently at 80 pips profit, he has set up another trade at entry 1.23375 for a long.

So he is building trades on existing profits.

The original entry order set at A and the new entry order at B so as we get the break out of the second area of congestion we are able to build up the trade for the new targets.

111pips profit target in the original trade.

Flat markets because of the Ukraine, what to trade?

GBPJPY which I fancied for a rally DID TRY but in the end it stopped out 2.3 pips loss thanks to the SignalTrader Trading System managing it.

All I have waiting at the moment is a SignalTrader Trading System robot trade shorting AUDCHF, that is an order with a small target, today I think it’s going to be small targets as the Ukraine uncertainty will keep us out of large moves, although we may see some movement on the EUR news @10am GMT and 12:30 USD CPI and CPIFE at 12:30.

10:00 EUR EUR German ZEW Survey (Current Situation) !!   52 50
10:00 EUR EUR German ZEW Survey (Economic Sentiment) !!   52 55.7
10:00 EUR EUR Euro-Zone ZEW Survey (Economic Sentiment) !!     68.5
12:30 USD USD Consumer Price Index (YoY) !!!   1.2% 1.6%
12:30 USD USD Consumer Price Index Ex Food & Energy (YoY) !!!   1.6% 1.6%

Ofcourse SignalTrader Trading System users have this news on their control panel system.

NZDJPY is looking like a reversal is due. The SignalTrader Trading System Robot has  AUDCHF short order  sitting @ 0.79000 target is only 0.78669 which is a mere 30 pips not a target I would even consider as I normally only go for 55 pips or more, however the Ukraine crisis causing a risk off attitude in the markets means we do have to stick to short targets. Ofcourse if the AUDCHF pair move up SignalTrader will move the entry up with it until it reverses properly.

Perhaps 12:30 will change things.

Paul Clevett
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Example Trade

Look at the Gold Line on top of the Silver Line, this is Signal Trader indicating a reversal, then, down we come target the next white line down. – Incidentally you could leave the trade on until the end of the white line underneath the pair showing a retracement is going to come soon.




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SignalTrader USDCAD sell.

The currency meter is telling me to sell of USDCAD this morning so I took a DIAMOND sell trade (see manual SignalTrader users).

As you can see from this screen capture of the web interface of SignalTrader Trading System the CAD is very strong and the USD is only at 40, below 40 I like to trade but I’ll make an exception as the CAD has been strong all night.

Yesterday by the way one of my traders took 160 pips profit out of 6 trades!.


As you can see from this chart I have entered now it has broken the white dotted line with a target of the next white dotted line.

Have a great trading day!


SignalTrader Trading System Video Thursday

Latest update now uses RSI for congestion.

Daily Trading Video demonstrating new congestion detection.