SignalTrader Trading Video and New Feature

Todays Trading Video and a new feature added.

After the video was made I decided to makes something live that I have been testing, this is the new Signal Monitor, I have been monitoring the buy and sell signals to find the best currencies for buying and selling. So the system now gives a “top 10” for buying and a “top 10” for selling based on the signals it receives.

Traders can now go ahead and only trade those pairs that match the monitor, fore sample we have an AUDUSD trade I would NOT take because both AUD and USD are on the SELL side. However the CADCHF is worth taking because CHF is the strongest buy and CAD is 3rd in the sells.

CADCHF SELL means BUY CHF and SELL CAD. Matches the signal monitor!



Daily Forex Video & Trading 20th December 2013.

Good morning everyone.

Today I am trying an experiment. I am setting  up my SilverTrader trades and then leaving them alone.

SilverTrader is unemotional about it’s trades, yesterday a USDCAD sell trade I could have had I held back because of lack of market movement. That is not a reason not to trade and in fact it turned out to be a good sell trade.

This morning I am selling GBPUSD, XAGUSD (silver) and UJ. (USDJPY).

Looking to close out before 9:30 UK GBP but it may be disappointing and push my trade further lower.

Anyway here is the video – don’t forget that after 1st Jan the SilverTrader Software will go up to $750 USD and $50 monthly. So get your lifetime copy for $75 at

Anyway happy trading  = check back for updates!

Trading 19th December 2013

Good morning all on a cold and frosty UK morning.

FOMC last night was the usual explosion. Anyway – SilverTrader DID correctly predict a buy but unfortunately it was just impossible to trade due to the fact the market moved so fast!

I also discovered that my customers were placing their trades far too close to the congestion so I have built in a new “red box” that is a NO FLY ZONE for trades to make sure they don’t get caught out.

Here’s a sample

So here is today’s trading video.


Look at the potential profit from this USDJPY sell if it happens, retracing back from last nights FOMC – thanks to SilverTrader my sell order is in a safe place, close enough to catch the fire, but far enough away to be safe.

Possible buy GBPUSD


USDJPY buy SilverTrader

SilverTrader is suggesting a USDJPY buy I have an order in 103.059 in target 103.665, stop 102.885


Here’s the Hourly chart with the targets SilverTrader has drawn.

Now SilverTrader Confirms Congestion and you can see the diamond underneath the congestion box with the long tail.


Update US NEWS Rally and then drop back.

Ok – there was a small rally and then drop back, I had already moved my stop inside my open so I stopped out with 0.46$ profit. I have created a new order at 103.144 as I’ve decided i need it to move this sort of distance for the order.

I also have a sell USDCHF on which has just kicked in. I then closed this (with a teeny profit) because I think it’s a fake signal, I think the pair are actually going to move up due to FOMC – the FOMC thing is making the markets behave strangely. Holding my buy USDJPY but I don’t expect to see it go.

Update All Trades Closed before FOMC USDJPY though is showing BEARISH signals!

Could the Markets be hinting at what is to come in 30 minutes?