Interesting USDCAD from strobot

So Strobot placed a  USDCAD short yesterday that is 59 pips against us at the moment but appears to be pulling downwards.

The trade makes good sense let’s look at the daily chart.


As you can see the pair is very high – Fib wise near the top, it’s been in a bearish wedge for the last 5 or so trading days. Our short entry was actually taken early by a pin bouncing down and then back up again – not to worry 9 times out of 10 these pin bars indicate the market is going to move in that direction.

The hourly chart we can see STROBOT’s target (the bottom white dotted line), we can also see the market showing signs of moving bearish again – the market LOOKS like it wants to come down having rejected 1.26190 and then 1.26075.

I wait to see what happens but I hope STROBOT will be yet again proved right.

Update (12 hours later)

So we stopped out – but STRobot was actually right and placed another trade which will shortly not only cover the loss but make a profit overall

Now that is pretty cool trading!


Iraq makes things flat.

So quite a few currency pairs are flat today and have been for about 2 weeks. Prior to that STRobot doubled 2 accounts but we need consistent movement in the same direction to do that. Look at this USDJPY daily chart.

STROBOT took a long yesterday at which point the market turned 20 pips the other way.

Hopefully USDGDP may turn our fortunes round! We shall see.

(oh and we have an AUDCHF that is doing ok)

SignalTrader Trading System and MACD

Well SignalTrader Trading System and STROBOT are now using MACD as well as the custom gold indicator.

STRobot has been making profit now 2 or 3 days a week and just needed refining to increase those profits.

You can see in this example the Gold indicator saying that the market is about to reverse. You’ll notice the blow line in the bottom indicator window. STROBOT will look to take the trade when MACD goes along with the Gold indicator. Note as well that this is an adjusted MACD. You can manually trade with it ofcourse.

So here we are looking for a short on USDCHF.

These versions will be available to STRobot/Signal Trader Trading System Users today or tomorrow.


GBPCHF a demonstration of the 200 period Daily MA #forex #fxtalk

SignalTrader Trading Systems Robot uses the 200 period Daily MA to confirm direction of trade along with the daily trend. The two combined is powerful, in fact it trades WITH the 200MA/Daily trend and also when there is divergence it looks for gold reversal signals  by comparing currency strengths.

Now – ofcourse the robot does not trade any GBP trades because GBP is too volatile and difficult to trade without large stops, when GBP squares up it often doesn’t go half way back, but the whole way back.

Just check this out, the thick white line is the 200 period daily Simple Moving Average, look at how it acts like a floor for the pair, ofcourse SignalTrader plots the daily MA on the 15 minute chart ( you can’t do this normally with MT4).

So here is the daily chart, now sterling has bounced off of the 200MA if I was interested in trading it this would be a good place, however as the target is too small at 53 pips I will stay out.

Here is the 15 minute chart, you can see the daily 200MA plotted here


Look at the gold signal early on in the chart and the dotted white line that is where ST said it would bounce, then it has hit the 200MA daily SMA  and guess what both of them have been too much for it!

Now – the thing here to remember is that GBP is a difficult trade at the best of times but it does show just how powerful this point can be.

The temptation to take a long manual SignalTrader trade may get the better of me but at the moment I’m just letting Strobot trade.




EURJPY Manual Trade Setup

Well the strobot software has been updated over the weekend and now uses the 200 period daily SMA in with the trend and reversal signals to verify a trade.

I’m interested in  a EURJPY manual trade and in fact I’m already in a long on this pair. SignalTrader Trading System has given me a target of 143.245 initially.


I suspect the Robot will take a trade on this pair but at present STRobot is waiting for a retrace shown by the gold indicator on the 15 min chart.