STROBOT HeikenAshi Chart now has Touch Screen controls

For those of you that use touch screens it can be mildly annoying to hit the keyboard! STROBOT Heiken ashi now has the clickable chart navigation controls the other daily chart has.

You can either select a chart just by pressing the SELECT CHART then the two currencies you want to see OR use the scroll arrows and just browse through the charts.

This makes it ideal for Tablet users as you can then navigate just using your finger!!! 3 charts give you all the major currencies and a robot to trade them!

Here’s the EURUSD chart. You can see it’s in the BUY zone at the moment so STROBOT when it starts trading at 16:05 might think about taking a short when it ralies back into the sell zone, no one in their right mind will be putting a long on the EUR at the moment.

Could be over 200 pips today?

I have had GBPCHF short order that SignalTrader Trading System is managing on since last night and SignalTrader Trading System has kept it out of the trade for now, there is CHF news in 9 minutes. So I’m hoping for a retracement.


Last night the FOMC news pushed the dollar bullish so I’m now looking for reversals on those as well. This is AUDUSD


..and here’s a note about the trading system, most of you will place your entry orders somewhere above price, SignalTrader Trading System actually will MOVE your entry order/stops to match the market, so when you get a break you are ready for it, but when the market is just ranging around you don’t have to worry.

Sometimes ofcourse we do get false breaks and get stopped out. But with SignalTrader Trading System it has a unique trailing stop system so that most of the time we don’t loose that much (if anything) and in fact if we have a losing trade it will stop out with a small profit. is the website for the SignalTrader Trading System. The Forex tool your brokers don’t want you to see.



More new features in SignalTrader 4.1


New features, you can now see the 15 minute, 1 hour, 4 hour and daily trend RIGHT ON THE CHART!

This also appears on the web page – the new automatic trailing stop system is nearly completely tested! it has feature like:-

– Big candles it moves half way up so if you get a big rally followed by a move back you don’t lose!

– It adjusts the stop based on the MOVEMENT in the market, bigger candles means more volatility so the stop has appropriate space! You can see the stops looking at the green dotted lines for buys and red for sells.

DAY 7 – EURAUD head and shoulders 60 min chart

Before I start, let me say that I took my biggest ever trade yesterday. 138 amazing PIPS GBPUSD sell taken off before Mark Carney’s speech.

So here we are this morning, for about 3 days EURAUD has been forming a head and shoulders reversal pattern, my Pro Act Traders charts this morning alerted me to a break below for a possible massive move down.

Incidentally I am sure this will go up slightly before it goes down (break-hook-go) as they fix the drop. There is a nice wide open space before. I actually probably entered early but that is ok – I should have entered at the hook after the retrace up.

Looking back, I couldn’t find EURAUD being this high for a long time. In fact the last time the pair were at this level was 2010, so not much history to go on.

Of course back in 2010 EURAUD was a LOT higher and fell massively. In fact AUD had been getting stronger and stronger.

Stop 1.4754

Update – Hook complete now for bearish move.

Further update, look how they pushed it up to square up the big candle.

And finally although it took a while the Hook went down as predicted.

Day 3 – Pro Act Traders

Well here we are in Day 3 of Pro-act-traders. The seminars I’ve been to (online thankfully) do move pretty fast but I found actually that I am absorbing the key rules and applying them, trading wide open spaces, establishing FIB/HSI targets. The trading software they supply at first glance looks, well, a bit dated, but like all old reliable things it does actually work.

I think what I do like is the signals you get from them, they are not signals to trade ofcourse, they are signals to go and evaluate for yourself. As Scott says they are teaching us to fish, not giving us fish.

Yesterday I pulled a SWEET 60 pips from GBPUSD sell thanks to the head and shoulders that formed after the news.

I have an NZDUSD sell just gone on, the pair broke below a fib line and a key resistance and is now in the upper part of the hook, so I would imagine it will continue down. Click on the chart to blow it up!  Anyway there’s the sell signal now on the 10 minute chart.

It’s NFP today so I’m staying out till 14:30GMT for the training session under Scott’s advice. If I have any trades in at that point I will move the stops down to break even or profit.

With Pro act traders you will learn that trading news is ill-advised, although I’ve made some fast profits with it, you can get whip-saws which kill your trades.

If I make today what I made yesterday I will be very very happy.

This set up is using the RF1010 set up as the UK session is just starting in 5…4…3…2..1