STRobot goes NZD mad!

STRobot just took 3 NZD trades at once, one has already stopped out in profit. Looks like NZD did a sudden rally, the latest version of STROBOT (v70.3) can detect a sudden move in a pair and take a trade instantly, normally STRobot places entry order in advance of a break, but if there is a sudden move he is able to get into it very very quickly.

As you can see we are half way to target already, I expect a pull back first then a gradual run up to target.

Last nights boring trade just stopped out in profit.

So I’ll wait to see how these trades play out!




STRobot has taken an interesting short on GBPJPY it looks like a nice bounce off of the 38.2% fib level targeting the 61.8%. We have Carney speaking later do we have a head and shoulders reversal in progress?

I have also marked the Buy/SELL STRobot signals on this chart so you can see what it does. STRobot ofcourse trades automatically using entry orders. So the fake ones tend to be taken out because they never happen.

As you can see STRobot has a number of good entries on this chart – not forgetting he trades 40 currency pairs.



Target reached. Closed @ 62.50 pips profit!


A sample basket.

So my strobot closed a basket of trades this morning with 150 pips of profit.

I thought I’d post a sample of the trades.

Firstly GBPCHF (this is the one we got into yesterday that I was surprised about).

If you Zoom in you can see it. This is the big winner! 🙂

Long from 1.5125 to 1.51774 GBPCHF

EURCAD we closed with a tiny loss. (part of the basket thing means the big good trades cover the losing trades)

GBPCAD closed with a small profit

NZDUSD short profit

So that’s

NZDUSD – Open 0.78735 – Close – 0.78051
EURCAD – Open 1.41308 – Close – 1.40941
GBPCAD – Open 1.78287 – Close – 1.77547
GBPCHF – Open 1.51245 – Close – 1.51774

Total 150 pips profit..Basket closed

Lunchtime Update GBPAUD rallies.

So we’ve been sitting in a GBPAUD long for 5 days, this morning it was 70 pips against us but just could not break through the support @1.81984 or so.

Then GBP news came and off we went, it broke straight through the first target at 1.82890 and is now in a small pull back.

As you can see GBP still has some room to go with my TP at 1.83731.

This is a robot trade in fact as all of these are, I am just highlighting what it did!

GBPAUD 3 days in…. flat to bullish

I have a 3 day old trade on GBPAUD long – so far in the last 24 hours it has dropped 50 pips bounced back into profit and then dropped 30 pips. (roughly)

We are expecting good unemployment data from the UK later in the week but my feelings are that we just hold this trade, This is the bottom of a very slow moving bullish trend, we are sitting above the 50ma and just below the 200ma dailies. The pair is making higher highs but it is very very very slow and boring.

Luckily STRobot the trading robot doesn’t mind that and so I’m leaving him in charge.

STROBOT Trades closed prior to FOMC and a doubled account.

As a safety measure I shut down my STROBOT trades this morning. STROBOT managed in 24 hours to pull around 150 to 175 pips profit.

84 pips , 61 pips and 60 pips and 15 pips and 0.1 pips,  here is  a screen shot of the $100 account.

I have upped my lot size slightly now and we are looking for new trade orders. I wrote yesterday about the trader that doubled a test account with the robot. He kindly allowed me to post a screen shot of the account. < STRobot.

(Please note past performance is not an indication of future performance, please remember the Forex markets are incredibly volatile).

How does STROBOT work?

The Signaltrader trading Robot works by the following:-

1. recognising overall direction on the trade on the daily/weekly chart using the 200 period daily simple moving average.

2. Managing both orders and trades to be in the right place at the right time, the robot is able to identify changes of direction in the markets and continuation trades, even in slow and awkward markets by making a comparison of the strength and weakness of all major currencies against each other.

3. When a trade is on, managing the stop loss to protect your trades and riding the take profits as long as possible. Most STRobot trades stop out in profit, even if its only a few pips.

4. The stops are managed using a combination of RSI and calculated risk management backed up by currency strength/weakness.

for more details check out

STRobot GBPCHF Trade

I love to analyse the trade set ups the robot goes for and this GBPCHF is no different.

On the daily chart we can see we are sitting in a bearish daily trend.


The Robot is keen on a short for the pair at this point. We entered a trade at 1.47104 with a target of 1.46016 at the moment the pair is in what looks like the hook part before it breaks down.


You can see in effect there are two targets for this trade the first @ 1.46766 then the second final at 1.46016, by the time we are at the first target the Robot will have moved the stop inside profit, the overall stop is at 1.47500 because if it breaks that the pair has broken out of the daily bearish move.

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