SignalTrader Trading System Video Thursday

Latest update now uses RSI for congestion.

Daily Trading Video demonstrating new congestion detection.

GBPUSD Short (now long?!) – DailyForexTrader SignalTrader Trading Video

When your software is better than you at working out the trades!

Well Update 3. GBPCAD 60 odd pips profit and GBPUSD small profit. SignalTrader Trading system 2, Me, 0.


Looks like Sterling is going up in the last 1/2 hour i have BUY orders, buy DIAMOND and a buy trend. Looks like any second we are going to reach for the stars. This is why we place “entry orders” only on our trades, they can change before they take!



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Live Trading Demonstration tonight LIMITED PLACES please email if you would like to attend.

Morning Trade GBPJPY buy


SignalTrader Trading System is suggesting a buy GBPJPY Stop 170.630 entry 171.014 TP 172.224 Target 124.10 pips (nice!). We have UK news @ 9:28 which if could could trigger a retrace up. However GBP has a habit of rallying prior to news on the anticipation of retail traders which could nicely knock us up into safe trading with a 16 pip trailing stop. < get your copy of SignalTrader Trading System.


I moved my stop back because of the small hook but it was in profit anyway it has now moved up and I’m 36 pips in profit. Will let you know where we close but I am still looking for 171.064

Trading Video 30th December 2013 – Trade Setups

Good morning Traders! Trading Video for this morning

Don’t forget the SilverTrader special introductory offer finishes on Wednesday 1st January! Then your $75 USD lifetime membership is going to $750 USD or  a monthly $50 USD membership.

I also have some exciting news about a WEB BASED version of Metatrader I will be launching on the 1st of January as well.

Live SilverTrader trading demo

More Information.

Trading Update

GBPNZD closed in profit all other orders cancelled on entry of GBPNZD sell.

[video] Trading Setups for Tuesday 10th December 2013

Hooray! I managed to convince my Mac to create videos again this morning. Here’s the latest, I’m still looking for yesterday’s USDJPY sell that didn’t materialise, it does require a trend change which can be hard for a pair but we have bounced from here before just recently so I’m looking for that, XAGUSD buy, just a small one, probably 35% profit. Trades on this image. Don’t forget all trade setups are identified using my SilverTrader MetaTrader 4 plugin.


So here’s the video.


Good news for the YEN could be the response I need to get into the large scale YEN trade!

Oh by the way Take Profit on the second leg of the YEN trade will be 102.055 based on fresh analysis by the SilverTrader software – the Support & Resistance charts are dynamic, calculated on a candle by candle basis.

Update 2

Silver BUY Trade complete.

(Anyone want to buy SilverTrader, $75?)

I’m interested now (while I wait for the USDJPY to change direction) in AUSNZD at present it is sitting in a perfect channel so I need a break out below or above the yellow lines.

When this goes folks it will be good move up to or down to the next white line (target). I’m not putting an order on it just waiting for something only because at the moment it is the most horizontal thing out there!

BUY AUZNZD on going for a big target at 1.10585, it’s breaking up, the first target is 1.10072, this is connected with the USDJPY break bearish. Could be a good day for big trades people. I’m looking to trail up a stop 16 pips on both.


AUZNZD I took profit at $4 us it’s not going anywhere

My USDJPY trade went down and then I moved the stop up behind the last barrier and it stopped out 27 PIPS *IN PROFIT*. now waiting for a new move from the hook.

It’s Taper day, so what is priced in.

Yesterday the dollar rallied against GOLD/EUR/ETC. (However I am still well in profit on my lots Gold Greenback buy).

I did watch a lot of traders saying it was  a trend change, however my opinion is that the market has priced in a hold back of the FED taper to December next year, even though the chances of that are only 10%. This means that if they hold the taper back till, say, March, the dollar will drop, and fast.

We have a LOT of US news today as well, so it’s not a day of trading for the faint hearted. I am planning to evaluate my GOLD vs Dollar buys today and be possibly completely flat before 18:00 GMT (this means out of any trades), At 18:00 when the news comes out the dollar may whipsaw very very fast. Plus the fed tapering news, if you have a heart condition today may be a bad day to trade!

Happy trading everyone.

EURJPY possible buy coming soon waiting for MACD

I’m really getting more and more into trading with MACD and Bollinger bands, my success rate is much higher than before. My plan simply, is to find the daily trend and then use MACD/Bolli bands to trade it. Much more successful. Actually, can be quite boring. I’m also waiting 1/2 hour after a news announcement to consider a trade, again much more successful than trying to second guess the markets.

So anyway talking of MACD it’s about 8:36 am and I’m waiting for EURJPY to change direction, so looking for the lines to cross, I think it should in about an hour or so. That will be a BUY thanks.

You’ll notice from the chart the histogram has already turned bullish but I want to see those lines cross and heading for the 0 position before trading this pair.

EURUSD and BEN’s non-speech.

The markets were not impressed by Fed’s Ben avoiding monitory policy. Here’s why. I think BEN was on purpose not talking about it, although there WERE bad figures, there was better than expected employment figures. A lot of things are fuelled by employment. For example…if more people work more people earn and more people spend. So next month I think things will be quite different and probably quite bearish from the EUR.

At the moment it burst up through the top of my trend *BUT* my feelings are that this is a false break and that we will see a bearish move on Monday to help form a bottom of the bearish chart. But ofcourse I could be wrong. Don’t forget that Cyprus is not over yet and there are quite a few sleeping dragons in the EUR group who are in danger.  Slovenia, Luxembourg etc etc.