SignalTrader Trading Video and New Feature

Todays Trading Video and a new feature added.

After the video was made I decided to makes something live that I have been testing, this is the new Signal Monitor, I have been monitoring the buy and sell signals to find the best currencies for buying and selling. So the system now gives a “top 10” for buying and a “top 10” for selling based on the signals it receives.

Traders can now go ahead and only trade those pairs that match the monitor, fore sample we have an AUDUSD trade I would NOT take because both AUD and USD are on the SELL side. However the CADCHF is worth taking because CHF is the strongest buy and CAD is 3rd in the sells.

CADCHF SELL means BUY CHF and SELL CAD. Matches the signal monitor!



Trading Video 30th December 2013 – Trade Setups

Good morning Traders! Trading Video for this morning

Don’t forget the SilverTrader special introductory offer finishes on Wednesday 1st January! Then your $75 USD lifetime membership is going to $750 USD or  a monthly $50 USD membership.

I also have some exciting news about a WEB BASED version of Metatrader I will be launching on the 1st of January as well.

Live SilverTrader trading demo

More Information.

Trading Update

GBPNZD closed in profit all other orders cancelled on entry of GBPNZD sell.

EURCAD Buy potential trade

Ok Good potential trade EURCAD this morning. Plus new SilverTrader feature, check out SilverTrader at

Trading update

Slow, very slow.

Daily Forex Video & Trading 20th December 2013.

Good morning everyone.

Today I am trying an experiment. I am setting  up my SilverTrader trades and then leaving them alone.

SilverTrader is unemotional about it’s trades, yesterday a USDCAD sell trade I could have had I held back because of lack of market movement. That is not a reason not to trade and in fact it turned out to be a good sell trade.

This morning I am selling GBPUSD, XAGUSD (silver) and UJ. (USDJPY).

Looking to close out before 9:30 UK GBP but it may be disappointing and push my trade further lower.

Anyway here is the video – don’t forget that after 1st Jan the SilverTrader Software will go up to $750 USD and $50 monthly. So get your lifetime copy for $75 at

Anyway happy trading  = check back for updates!

GBP vs EUR vs USD the war is on.

EURGBP is sitting horizontal at the moment. We have news @ 9:30am Including the Claimant Count which the market hopes for an improvement, I’m holding out of putting risk on till after that I think perhaps looking for a break GBPUSD below 1.50295 or above 1.52095 where the pair has been ranging for days. I think orders above and below this point is a good move at this stage but holding back until 9:30am when the data comes in.

Yesterday’s GBP data was disappointing but not enough to break the range.

Update @ 9:30 AM good news from GBP I am now using my trading technique here to continue the trade. I’m actually bearish after it went below the box.

Interesting….. forex trading today.

Normally non-cross pairs (for beginners thats those that have USD in them) tend to move pretty much in the same direction as the dollar. But this morning GBPUSD is rallying whilst NZDUSD is bearish. I closed of my profitable SELL GBPUSD trades today there is GBP news coming in with Mark Carney joining the Bank of England. I’m listening to LBC 97.3 talk radio and they are discussing it.

I don’t think there will be any change in GBP interest rates on Thursday after what I’ve heard today but there are a lot of good feelings about this new BOE. USDJPY buy I’m in 65 pips this morning hoping to see if we hit the magic 100!

We have had two 3 white candle signals one after the other on the 5 minute chart but I have been in this trade for a few days.

NZDUSD is one of my more frustrating trade as it’s bullish and I have 2 bearish trades on 🙁 I just need a good bit of USD news to send it hurtling into profit as it is hanging around the same sort of price.

If you have any questions or comments like “Paul, you’re a prat USDJPY is gonna fall” that’s great. Please leave it in the comments box or in the questions comments page. Don’t forget to sign up for membership, I’ve got some exciting things on the way to help your trading.