Suprise USD GDP fail yesterday.

Well sentiment still remains against the dollar on just about all the non-cross pairs. (non-cross is a trade involving the dollar e.g. EURUSD, cross pairs are those that do not involve the dollar, e.g. NZDAUD).

Important news today: 8:55 EUR unemployment and 9:30 UK GDP which I think last month was much higher than expected.

NZDUSD is interesting has been bullish for two days. I’m also interested in GBPUSD after the news. Yesterday I lost a couple of trades but just switched them and made a profit covering my loss.

I posted this  after the rally against the dollar GDP being negative. Smugly it came true which was lucky for me. Hopefully a good day today.

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8:30 GMT Ok I bought dollars for a while (SELL GBPUSD,NZDUSD) but have closed these trades with a small (measly) profit because of the news coming. Will look at rallies and decide.

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