STROBOT will not be using stops soon.. except when in profit… but don’t worry

One of the problems with any trend based trading system/robot is that when the market changes direction guess what. You lose trades. That’s because we cannot ACTUALLY see what is going to happen in the future it’s just a best guess based on the near and distant past.

SO I have decided STRobot will no longer wait for trades to stop out, he now looks for the market to signal a direction change on HeikenAshi and then he closes the trades so instead of a minimum 37 pip stop STRobot can get out of losers within 10 pips in a flat market! Thus mathematically we win more trades because he cannot enter a trade on the same pair twice, so if the market changes direction he stays out until it has confirmed long term that’s where he is going. If a pair enters a new trend it won’t be long before STrobot is joining in.

Incidentally sometimes the market changes when we are in profit anyway so we close the trade sooner than if we just let it stop out. When the pair is 30 pips (or the specified amount) in profit this rule does not apply as there is a stop placed just inside the entry.


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