STRobot record profits & NZD long trades today

GBP has been dropping for the last 24 hours. However in the last 1/2 hour it has found some strength The New Zealand dollar is getting stronger and STROBOT has gone long NZDUSD and NZDCAD. NZDUSD bounced off of the 200 daily MA last week and looks like it could be heading right up to around 0.86855. Interesting! But really we will have to wait a while for the trade I think, there is a lot of activity in the market at the moment.


STRobot Progress

I have two trading accounts as my readers will know, my trading robot STRobot has been working his magic, here is the demo account I put it on Thursday, it’s just been left alone, I’ve not closed any trades or interfered. The Safe +66.50 means that the trailing stop is at 66.50 and the minimum profit from that trade is at 66.5 pips – that’s locked in WHATEVER HAPPENS.


Now just to prove I’m not making it up… you can see actually that CADCHF long is probably going to stop out @46.40 pips there is news going on so that’s not really surprising.






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