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STRobot now uses Fib levels.

In order to filter out some of our trades I’ve been teaching STRobot the Forex trading Robot how to use FIB levels. He now trades certain fib level areas using his existing algorithms for entry.

So STRobot will trade between the 61.8%, 33.2% and 23.6% fib levels. He trades only from those lines – where the stop is below the level (for a long) and the entry is above the level or for  a short where the stop is above the level and the entry below the level.

The TP targets are the next level -10 pips.

Using the current strength system STRobot is able to find the entries and trade. He has a new trailing stop system as well that is able to hold back when the market moves and move closer when the market is losing strength.

I am going to produce a new video shortly with some of the extra features shortly.


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