STROBOT HeikenAshi Chart now has Touch Screen controls

For those of you that use touch screens it can be mildly annoying to hit the keyboard! STROBOT Heiken ashi now has the clickable chart navigation controls the other daily chart has.

You can either select a chart just by pressing the SELECT CHART then the two currencies you want to see OR use the scroll arrows and just browse through the charts.

This makes it ideal for Tablet users as you can then navigate just using your finger!!! 3 charts give you all the major currencies and a robot to trade them!

Here’s the EURUSD chart. You can see it’s in the BUY zone at the moment so STROBOT when it starts trading at 16:05 might think about taking a short when it ralies back into the sell zone, no one in their right mind will be putting a long on the EUR at the moment.

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