STRobot get’s a new indicator!

Introducing STVolitlity, One of the biggest problems for any EA is flat markets. You get more false signals thane can deal with – part of the risk of Forex trading actually. Anyway – You can check out the backtests of the latest version 70.5 which aims to deal with flat markets.

During my development of this indicator I noticed that when a market begins to move in power, or changes direction that certain behaviours happen, you can see in the EURCAD the lowest indicator, see how the market crosses the 0 line indicating a new move or trend.

STRobot looks to trade on these indications of strength coming into the market – ofcourse, you can’t predict the future but you can see that he sees pretty much what’s going on – flat markets are indicated by blank areas in the STRobotRSI indicator, the second one up. So using these two things together we can try and anticipate bullish or bearish moves out of congestion.

There is a lot of news this week so it will be interesting to see what performance we get from STRobot. – click BACKTESTS to see the results of backtests from this version.

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