STRobot current trades and why Demo accounts are NOT the same as real accounts

I do have a slight confession to make, all the trades I post here are actually trades that my robot has set up. STRobot is part of the SignalTrader Trading System. I have just released a new update that shows your trades in PIPS here are the two accounts I’m running STRobot on.

This is my live account in fact these are all STRobot trades.

You can see that only one trade is going against me and I have 4 “SAFE” trades, when a STRobot trade moves 30 pips in profit the stop is moved inside the entry thus the trade is no longer a risk.








My Demo account (with the same Broker!!!) You will notice that there are fewer trades, that’s because some of the major currency pairs are simply missing!!! Demo accounts ae not the same as real accounts and trading them is not either! If you would like to find out more about the STRobot and SignalTrader Trading System please Click Here

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