STRobot and the Swiss Frank

Wow what a 24 hours it has been. Some of us walked away from the Swiss frank with a 1000 pip trade profit. But what a ride!

Others did not fare so well. The worst being the list of brokers who have gone into liquidation. For instance Alpari, who although I’ve never used them I have trusted them for a long time.

Today we took the decision as a group to disable trading of the swiss frank. We have a facility in STRobot for opting out of trading currencies and the Swiss frank is too volatile at present moving 100 pip swings fast!.

We have also decided to increase our stops to 120 pips from 80, having gone through our losing trades from last night ALL of them turned round and came back! So we wasted 80 pips about 3 times that we could have held.

So now it’s a waiting game with around 14 trades on at the moment STRobot has placed, with USD news @ 13:30 we could see some nice pips. Just have to wait, I would like to see the last remaining CHF trades I have on go into profit but at the moment the world is trying to work out just how much the CHF is worth! This morning we stopped out 2 120 pip CHF trades (painful). But saying that for those of us who did pull 1000 pips  yesterday its swings and roundabouts.

EURGBP is doing nicely but holding for the news so let’s see what happens. Due to CHF trades I have a live account with a nasty 80 pip going the other way CHF trade and the demo account is not doing much better. The USG account is fine though.

Still HUGELY up on the week. I’m checking out a couple of traders who did not end up in profit. I do suggest going through your statements just to check everything is right. Some brokers will refund trades closed because of gapping or whipsaws especially if you can prove that other brokers didn’t have the same thing.


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