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Robots, do they work? and US Government shutdown.


Well I’m at the moment testing a robot!  I never thought I would, but I am, so far it’s doing quite well, but I wonder how it will survive fundamentals, we shall see. I’ll give you more of an update as  I go along with it including the Robot’s name. (Let’s call him Harry). Harry, is running in a VPS (this is a remote windows server) that means he can sit there and ‘do his thing’ 24 hours a day. Sweet!

At the moment my opinion is that the thing is trading very well, it’s only trading on a demo account but if I’m happy in a week or so we’ll go live with it.

US Government Shutdown

In my opinion it will either cause a massive move in the markets or do nothing, so far, it’s doing the latter, nothing is that much effective. I must say for someone who lives in the United Kingdom the whole thing does seem quite Bizarre. I think the markets, at this stage (although this may change on the opening of the New York session) are doing pretty much nothing in terms of changing direction, mainly because we all know that they WILL come to some agreement shortly and get the thing going again. However, if you were hoping to lose money (joke) on NFP this week (non farm payrolls data), you may well be disappointed as they may just simply not publish it.


Since I said this, the dollar is now being sold off faster than I can make a coffee, I had a sweet AUDUSD buy on last night that is already on it’s second lot, today will be the day that Average True Ranges are updated with massive moves, we’re 7:54am GMT approaching the 8:00AM UK markets opening.

Could it be a deliberate move to reduce the value of the dollar? Who knows?

Some advice to new traders. Whatever you do right now, don’t buy dollars.

Update 2

It seems all data from the US has been cancelled!!!!!! Probably because all the staff that produce it are now on unpaid leave.



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