Pro Act Trader & USD strength.

Well readers. I have for sometime been looking at different trading tools and groups, well 3 years. I have been attending the ProActTrader seminars and decided to sign up for their charts.

They offer a live trading session with their charts every day – and frankly for beginners it’s well worth doing. I found the presentation pretty good. To be honest I think new traders would be better off using demo / micro accounts and following their trades through. The charts are inexpensive for what you get. I’m going to get them running natively on my Mac and then do some instructions for you on how to do it, I already have MT4 running on my Mac.

I found the guys there very helpful and the sign up process was easy, however the charts are sophisticated and if you are one of those people who thinks FOREX trading is magic, this will bring you quickly down to earth. They have some strong indicators and the live training setup is awesome.

So the main Proacttrader site is here , I’m going to be including some charts from the software to do trades later on at around 14:30 GMT

I think for me as a lone trader, I have tried following some of the feeds on things like tradingview, the problem with these is that you get a lot of traders, some of whom really know very little making outlandish claims about trades. With pro-act (which in one of their sessions was how I learned to do FIB retracements), the support is there from some very experienced traders. I noticed with interest I have emails from 2011 in my mailbox from them.

Seems good value so worth a go. Hopefully see you in the trading room later.

This morning JPY seems to be rallying against all comers. There is a lot of important EUR news and USD news today which must be attended to so I will be staying out of trades during those times to protect my profits.

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