Possible Long term trade GBPAUD

GBPAUD has been hanging around just underneath the 200 period daily MA, you can see how it has been dipping below it and then heading back up.

You can see the SignalTrader Massive strength indicator showing the pair heading back towards each other so I’m looking at a long entry order above the 200 period daily targeting 100 pips maybe more or so. As I only take long term trades this could take a while to happen.

The key here is small lots so that you can have a big stop to allow space but I’m pretty sure if we break the yellow 200 dailyma line we will go back up again, possibly quite fast.

Entry order 1.80155 or so.





I also have an AUDJPY trade on long. The pair crossed last night on the Massive Indicator. It’s in a small profit but rather slow. The massive indicator looks like its about to dive off of a diving platform!

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