NZD madness !

Huge whipsaw last night on the NZD pairs due to an interest rate increase. I can’t see the NZD pairs doing anything except continuing up today. There is some EUR news but the buggy is Mark Carney of the Bank of England who is not speaking till late tonight (which I do find slightly odd to be honest, why not have his talk at a civilised hour?)

Interestingly I have been testing two accounts, on one account I did all the “stuff” you’re told like closing trades before news etc and on the other account I left the robot to trade whatever happened. The one where the robot managed the trades “whatever” did much better than the one that I was fiddling with. Interesting.

We are looking for long term trades so they can take a few days to get going/set up.

So today I’m expecting strength from GBP, weakness from USD & JPY and the new Zealand Dollar, buy trades only! Look at the whipsaw here on the 15 min chart.



Ok just a note for STROBOT users.

When you first enable STROBOT on a new account remember it is a long term trading tool. That means it takes time to get in sync with the markets, so on a new account it MIGHT lose more trades to start with than normal.

The key here is to make sure that you check EVERY trade it places.

More details:

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