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NFP! here we come

Well it’s yours and my favorites USD Non Farm Payrolls today which can swing one way or the other, the expectation is a drop from 175K to 165K but I’ve seen MASSIVE differences between expectation and outcome, in other news CAD at 13:30 could be useful for the USDCAD trade I’ve had hanging around for a few days.

Yesterday was pretty brilliant for me. EURUSD sell and GBPUSD sell netted some great profits with some amazing moves on news. I did stop out NZDUSD sell later in the day but I mad so much from EURUSD and GBPUSD I covered my losses massively. One of my trades TP’d out 100% profit because I forgot to increase it to my normal 2.5x target.

I do have a rule that I don’t put more into a losing trade. If it stops. it stops. I learned the hard way sadly.

Anyway EUR could be in a bad way today with the Greek crisis, if Greece defaults we could see EUR fall further.

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