New Indicator as Part of my Robot Trading Pack coming Next Week

Well I know I didn’t post today (sorry)

Two reasons.

1. I finally switched to BelforFX which has actually been very painless and in fact they have been wonderful, I have a personal contact there if I need anything.

2. Here is the exciting part, I have been developing the Silver Trading Robot and expanding it to other currencies. However one of the difficult things is setting the parameters for the Robot to trade properly.

Here are some screen shots. You can see the Green and Red, Green is a long trade and red is short.

Before anyone clever comes along and says “oh they are just moving averages”, they are not. There is also another algorithm in there as well. The pack will be available early next week at the introductory price of £40 UK sterling, (about $70US), unless you move over to my broker (BeflorFX) (click on the banners above). Let me know when you deposit over $200US and I will give you a completely free copy of the indicator and the trading robot. (I’m so good to you).


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