Interesting….. forex trading today.

Normally non-cross pairs (for beginners thats those that have USD in them) tend to move pretty much in the same direction as the dollar. But this morning GBPUSD is rallying whilst NZDUSD is bearish. I closed of my profitable SELL GBPUSD trades today there is GBP news coming in with Mark Carney joining the Bank of England. I’m listening to LBC 97.3 talk radio and they are discussing it.

I don’t think there will be any change in GBP interest rates on Thursday after what I’ve heard today but there are a lot of good feelings about this new BOE. USDJPY buy I’m in 65 pips this morning hoping to see if we hit the magic 100!

We have had two 3 white candle signals one after the other on the 5 minute chart but I have been in this trade for a few days.

NZDUSD is one of my more frustrating trade as it’s bullish and I have 2 bearish trades on 🙁 I just need a good bit of USD news to send it hurtling into profit as it is hanging around the same sort of price.

If you have any questions or comments like “Paul, you’re a prat USDJPY is gonna fall” that’s great. Please leave it in the comments box or in the questions comments page. Don’t forget to sign up for membership, I’ve got some exciting things on the way to help your trading.




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