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I am so bored of these advertisements. The best traders have been through the mill, they have lost money, given up, started again, stuck their head in the sand, cried, believed, not believed, tried indicator after indicator.

Trading and learning to trade takes time. You have to learn how the markets work. You will NOT make money to start with, you will lose, you will break every rule in the book, you’ll be selling when you should be buying, buying when you should be selling.

Rules of a good trader

1. You make business decisions not emotional ones.

2. You know where your stop loss, take profit and targets are.

3. You look for 50 pips and above per trade (NOT 5 pips)

4. You understand the principles of break hook and go

5. You know WHEN the juiciest trades are.

6. You know what and where options are expiring and what that moves.

7. You know what the trend is and you only take the trade in that direction.

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