Governor King speaks @ 9:45…don’t get caught.

Governor King of the Bank of England is the Scalpers friend. But only if you know! He can make GBPUSD lose 100 pips in under 5 seconds.

The normal pattern is a LONG up to the speech then at the speech if it’s bad news GBPUSD will plummet. Long traders get all excited at 9:44 am because it’s suddenly going long fast, and then at 9:47 are crying because it bounced down.

My advice. Don’t trade GBPUSD until you see the move. I will have on click trading turned on for this with the trade setup.

I don’t put orders on either. Mainly because if the long bounces I could end up being stopped out. So everything GBPUSD is kept sweet until the moment of judgement!.

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