GBPNZD breakdown huge gaps on Scotland break up.

So the United Kingdom is under threat as the Scottish look at if they are going to break from the Union. This resulted in huge gaps, I had a short GBPNZD that TP’d!!!

Strobot is setting up for GBP shorts but well away from current price which would tie in with the timescale for the independence referendum. according to the referendum website they think they can decide to keep sterling! It’s like saying, we’re leaving you oh and can we have half your house. This is not a wedding! The markets have ALREADY demonstrated their concern about the situation.

My prediction is:-

a. If Scotland say yes Sterling will crash down and possibly force the rest of the UK back into recession at least temporarily. The instability will affect everyone. Scotland’s arrogance thinking that the Bank of England will let the keep sterling may be premature.

b. If Scotland say no then Sterling will have a relief rally and could go back to previous levels.

Ready to rock and roll!


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