GBPCHF & GBPJPY shorts UK CPI @ 9:30

Ok I have trade setups now on GBPCHF and GBPJPY I’m into getting two trades out of each.

You can see that GBP is now pushing away from CHF (A) and that it bounced nicely off the top of the brearish trend (B), we have market participation and structure for the shorts – BUT we do have UK CPI @ 9:30, I would imagine the markets will use that as an excuse to force down to the bottom of the first trend.

GBPJPY has the same sort of story, yesterday (A) you can see the pair has bounced off the trend line and also that the software has drawn a white dot above the candle which is a sell signal. There’s not much of a trade before support but I’m thinking we are going right down to the bottom  of the trend. (B) < find out how you can get charts like this!


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