GBP up or down!

Good morning readers!. Well today there’s some major news about inflation for GBP and I’m thinking it won’t be good, we’ve already had a hint from Mr King of the Bank of England on what HE thinks inflation will do and look at the way sterling fell. But you never can tell with fundamentals (unless your mother knows Mr King and can ask him), so I’ve put some high risk ORDERS (not trades) on, one above the current trend, but high enough not to get caught by a spike and one below it so it should catch them in the appropriate fashion ready for the news if it causes a  major bearish or bullish move.

Of course I *COULD* have put two trades on, one buy and one sell but with very small stop losses but why waste the money. You’re going to lose one of them.  Binary trading.

Anyway have a good day everyone!

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