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I have some exciting news for the readers. I now have the Robot with a click of a button on his chart able to look for Support and Resistance trades automatically. < please click this link to register there are limited places.

Note that the stops may look big, that’s because the Robot will manage the live trades.

I read a question on LinkedIn about GPBCHF and going long. My feelings are that the pair will either continue short or go into a head and shoulders reversal, so I recommend standing aside and waiting for a break below signal and the lower trade where there is a open area for our trade.

Todays S&R trade generated by the robot are:-

BUY Price: 0.804 Stop Loss: 0.795 Take Profit: 0.814
SELL Price: 137.445 Stop Loss: 138.058 Take Profit: 136.761
SELL Price: 1.435 Stop Loss: 1.445 Take Profit: 1.421
BUY Price: 1.851 Stop Loss: 1.834 Take Profit: 1.856
SELL Price: 172.319 Stop Loss: 172.669 Take Profit: 171.274
SELL Price: 1.513 Stop Loss: 1.517 Take Profit: 1.498 (See above chart)
SELL Price: 1.680 Stop Loss: 1.685 Take Profit: 1.674
SELL Price: 1.793 Stop Loss: 1.808 Take Profit: 1.784
SELL Price: 93.292 Stop Loss: 93.642 Take Profit: 92.523
SELL Price: 0.822 Stop Loss: 0.826 Take Profit: 0.816

Please note that our stops are dynamically controlled when the trade goes live by STRobot thus they may look quite large at this time as these are entry orders.


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