Forex Robots are bad…so why did they do so well last week?

I have a very good friend that I respect who knows how to use forex robots, he did VERY well last week with them, I was trying to work out why, the amount of times I’ve heard “don’t use forex robots”. I am in fact about to start my own research with them.

Anyway – last week he did really well and I was trying to work out why. I think the main reason is that there was  a lot of predictable range trading, trades were staying within channels, also that the news was going in favour of the trend, there was a GBPUSD move for instance that just completed in favour of the trend and then retraced down again to square up and sort out.

Not everything in the forex works all the time, the forex has this habit of changing its behaviour, you get settled in one trading plan for a while and suddenly you start losing, that is why you MUST be on top of what the charts are telling you, after all, they will tell you what to trade.

Please do ask questions, there is a Q&A page on this website!

Have a good day everyone.

PS, 9:30am GBP news probably going to be good…watch for break hook and go in 3 minutes after.

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