Forex Robots and News Trading

News Trading

One of the STRobot users was asking about news trading so I’ve finally gotten down to writing it. News in the forex market is normally preceded by a period of flatness. Especially things like NFP and FOMC.

My advice on news trading is simple and the version of STROBOT 50.8 deals with this.

I will point out I don’t actually do any trading myself – although I know a lot about it my robot does it for me – but I taught him everything he knows.

Here’s what STRobot would do:-

– NO trades in the flat market.
– Place ENTRY ORDERS only (STOP orders) when there is a correct technical setup
– STRobot will phase the news – so he trades AFTER the result – this can be a break hook and go structure or something else. News creates unpredictability in the markets, we are not here to gamble.
– On you can often find statistics and other information about what the market expects from a news result but be careful – big moves and big losses (remember the CHF move).

As I said I don’t actually trade myself I taught STRobot to do it!

More about STRobot

Well this new version is quite a landmark with STRobot winning 70% of trades on backtests. I’m currently testing with different stops and go safe values to really get him optimised.

– STRobot has been taught to recognise a flat market and stay out
– You will see him set up entry orders some of which do not actually take
– His Automatic Trailing stop will trail the market at the level of your stop loss until within 20 pips of target then switch to a 30 pip trailing stop
– He will not trade for less than 100 pips target

I have published a couple of backtests (will do more later) click here to see them.


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