#forex 66 pip Robot Trade from Last Night and EURCAD

Last night I had an entry order go on EURJPY long, robot trade, however the price was NOWHERE NEAR the entry! Bizarre, will be contacting the broker about that one. However woke up this morning to a new strobot (SignalTrader Trading System Robot) trade that was up 40 pips and then went up to 66 before taking profit.

This morning SignalTrader is joining Morgan Stanley in a long on EURCAD the entry is sitting at 1.3185 but ofcourse SignalTrader Trading System will move the entry until  the market is ready to take it.

You can see the Gold underneath the green indicator on the lower Indicator Window (SignalTraderStrength) this shows that the pair is ready to re-trace at some point in the not too distant future and as the pair is in a bullish weakly the robot has chosen a healthy 134 pip target up to 1.54281 – but it has to change direction first!

The SignalTrader Trading System is available from http://www.iwanttobeaforextrader.com



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