Flat Markets Due to USA holiday

STROBOT has been holding out of trades apart from scalping today so far – so no big wins YET, all this will change in 20 minutes as he starts setting up. The 4 hour markets are showing flat.

One of my traders had is STRobot Charts laid out like this. Which I’ve kind of adopted, the daily chart on the left with the Strength Meter and the STROBOT chart in the middle with the Hourly Heiken Ashi on the right hand side! Very nice. I’m going to see if it’s possible to get it to set both charts if you click on the currency on the left hand side of the STROBOT chart. In this version STROBOT shows an hour glass when he is busy which is useful.

One customer did ask me if STROBOT would take 40 trades at once.

I’ve never seen him do this, the most in fact I’ve ever seen was around 20, that’s why we keep our lot sizes small, it’s much better to take 20 small trades rather than 5 big ones. STRobot tends to focus on the same currencies for instance today he has been scalping NZDJPY and NZDUSD, which is what he does in flat markets.

Our NZDUSD long on this account has been very very slow but is now breaking through 91.483 and I hope we might seen at least 50 to 100 pips out of it, which would be nice to add to the 15 pips STROBOT has scalped out.

Another potential customer did ask if he could test STRobot on a demo account, I don’t do this because:-

  • Demo accounts are not the same as real live accounts.
  • I provide a lot of support during the night to traders, personal support when I can, plus the user group is full of traders who also discuss and work with us.
  • The software is connected to external servers (which is how we can do the trading in the first place, your MT4 is not capable of trading with this robot on it’s own). I can’t give server space really to people who are not paying for the service.
  • I don’t think it’s fair for people to get for free what others are paying for.

Have a great day I think we’ll be getting some trades in about 9 minutes so you can view the live trades on the STROBOT site. Updated every 5 minutes or so.



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