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EURUSD up and down like a YOYO. Looking for daily trend.

Right. Ok. Yesterdays head and shoulders did appear but like a Roller Coaster. It went as fast as it came. Due to the volatility of the whole thing I’m moving to blue charts. (Because on the black EURUSD chart I have sadly all the bars disappeared, thanks TradingView). Anyway. Take a look at this. I have noticed that USD news seems to be getting worse and worse. EUR although bumbling along does seem to be getting better, so I’ve decided to put on a buy EURUSD today, sit back and watch the carnage.  Now 1.37 does look very nice.

Incidentally I am trading off of daily charts now because of the volatility. Here’s today’s EURUSD. see that green upward signal. That’s a buy from DecisionBar. So I’m in long for now. I know folks, I normally never go LONG on anything.

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